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  1. I think the adapter might have some problem,...

    I think the adapter might have some problem, since just today I checked that the laptop is taking too much to charge up. Before this I always used to play at 100% charged so thats why never noticed...
  2. GTX 1050ti on my new Asus Rog gl503ge not performing upto its full potential

    I bought an Asus ROG GL503GE last month and for the time it performed quite well with games reaching up to 120 fps because of the gtx1050ti. But since a week, I have noticed that all my games now run...
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    Sticky: Hi

    Hello everyone!

    I am Asif Khan. I have been intrigued by computers since I was a kid and added to that, I am also a gamer. I have decided to join the forum to help people to the best of my...
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