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  1. Gaming Center exits upon running. (GL503GE-EN270T)

    Hi all,
    This issue has crop up again.The previous workaround i used was uninstalling and reinstalling the Gaming Center Software ,but that didn't seem to help.Any inputs?
  2. Heating Issues and Inverse Ghosting on GL503GE-EN270T. Game tested DMC 5

    So I recently purchased this gaming notebook.Not much of a gamer but a pen-tester so had not intended to buy this laptop for gaming.(Already own a PlayStation 4 PRO) I have upgraded the RAM from 16...
  3. I am too skeptic about an official reply.As this...

    I am too skeptic about an official reply.As this kind of attack also harms a credibility of a company security wise as it seems genuine certificate was being used.Lets see how long it takes to be...
  4. Has anyone checked with free Kaspersky Tool If we are affected by ASUS update hack?

    Recent reports suggest that there was a supply chain malware attack where hackers spread malware via the ASUS Update server spoofing genuine ASUS certifcates.

    Kasperky Has released a tool to check...
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    Asus Gaming center program exiting.

    Since windows update the asus gaming center is not working.Program exits abruptly after starting.Tried reinstalling software but it happens again after restart.Any solution for this ?
  6. Yes I registered for this promotion

    I registered for this promotion.Recieved 2 codes, the second one not working though. Not sure why this was taken down within a few hours.
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