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  1. Where are the registered products section?

    Hi.. on the previous asus web style, there was an easy option to go into your registered products, now I am kind a lost and can't seem to find it, or is it still available?

    Appreciate feedback.
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    Need Bios info PCIe Gen settings

    I have the Asus ROG Strix X99 mother board and bios updated to 1903. I installed a Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB but I get PCIe Gen 2x4 I tried changing some things in the bios as device Gen 3, 4x and...
  3. I already did it, sound test fine except front...

    I already did it, sound test fine except front and sub, changed jack input, changes front to rear but center sub same issue. I only use a 3 jacks
  4. Yes I did, in fact used also the asus sound...

    Yes I did, in fact used also the asus sound sofware to check speakers test sounds, and all sound except center and subwoofer that also seems to be wrong, tried changing the jacks, same thing. I had...
  5. Need help with Asus Strix X99 audio and 5.1 channels

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this setting issue. I have an Asus Strix X99 Gaming motherboard and a Sony recevier STR-DB780
    I am trying to get the 5.1 channel to work. I set...
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