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  1. Solved - PCI-E 8x instead of 8x

    Hello guys,

    i just wanted to let you know i think i found the solution to my problem.

    Yesterday i tried a different CPU and a different RAM-Kit.

    After changing my 3600 Mhz 64 GB kit to an...
  2. thanks for your reply @marti77 whats curious...

    thanks for your reply @marti77

    whats curious about that x8 speed is that it first run fine with 16x4.0 - then it reduced the speed on to x8 "on its own"-i changed no hardware, no bios settings at...
  3. Crosshair VIII Extreme -BIOS Bootup - PCI_1 Speed was set to 8x

    Hello Community,

    I have a Crosshair VIII Extreme. The PCI-E_1 Speed was first working fine with 16x4.0 Speed. After a few days i bootet up the Pc and the Bootup took longer then usual. Then...
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