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    Clear CMOS

    Well, I read back a few pages and didn't see anyone suggest to clear the CMOS. I know for me in the past, not necessarily with this mobo, but I have been able to resolve some boot issues by doing...
  2. Get a flashlight

    I have the same board. They are bottom right corner. You might need magnifying glass to read the print on the PC board.. As suggested. If you don't have the manual. you can download it. Even though...
  3. Love it! I didn't touch anything........

    I recently got back into, or should say trying to get back into gaming. I am just taking a break here, being retired and all, I tend to overwork myself.
    Actually taking a break from my self...
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    Sticky: Was the first game I played in Windows.

    Wolfenstein, not sure what version or any of that, but it was prehistoric like pac man. It gave me the gaming bug.
    I have to say, though an older game, My favorite is "HALF-LIFE". I have an old...
  5. Interesting!

    Hmm, your statement made me stop and think. I know PC's these days are more intelligent than we give them credit for. But never the less, I snatched up my flashlight and got down to...
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    I am impressed. You just confirmed to me that I...

    I am impressed. You just confirmed to me that I should have gotten 2x16's rather than the 2x8's that I initally planned to add more to. Well the rookie in me will probably show forever. Until just...
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    Sticky: Very helpful.

    This is the first time I've able to post. Either I've been too wrapped up in setting up the new rig, or just having difficulties with posting in the forum. Looks like this will be my first posting....
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    In the same boat

    Gosh, thanks for that. I have been looking for too many hours for XMP. I have the same F4-3200C16D-GTZR in my ROG Crosshair Hero WiFi with a Ryzen 7-2700X and cannot get it to read correctly. I have...
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    Sticky: Well, howdy.

    You might have guessed, my name is Richard. I am here in not so sunny at the moment Southern California. I just recently got back into playing with my PC. I used to game back in the days of "Half...
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