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    BIOS 1402 and RAID.

    Hi, I can't see under the 1402 BIOS -Advanced -PCH Stor. Config. -Sata Mode Selection the RAID option or any other place except EzMode, showing it but doing nothing. The SATA mode displays only AHCI....
  2. Thanks guys, perhaps that's why I been hearing...

    Thanks guys, perhaps that's why I been hearing "...nothing like the old days...".
  3. Marvell AQtion AQC113CS 10Gb. Ethernet Problems.

    Hi, any driver and/or firmware update for this adapter? Anyone having problems with this Net adapter?
    Found after connecting this adapter a SB AE-9 (sound card) started to sound BAD!!!! minutes...
  4. Peripherals' Firmware Release Notes-Download.

    Why Asus don't make public the firmware Release Notes/What's New for peripherals?
    Why I can't download those firmware without using Armoury Crate?

    I want to see the release notes for Claymore II;...

    Also problems with Samsung Magician 7.0.1....?
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    Any idea what's going on with this ... 'thing'?...

    Any idea what's going on with this ... 'thing'?
    Dead before born!!!! Mine lasted just one plug in -maiden-, then RIP...!
    I think I'm having enough with those ROG Strix expensive craps!!!
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