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    Does my MB support my RAM?

    I have a Crosshair VI Hero x370. My RAM are G.Skill Ripjaw 2x8GB (f4-3200c16d-16gvkb). It runs on the xmp profile with 3200 mhz.
    The problem is, sometimes when I shut down my pc, I get this...
  2. Crosshair Hero VI x370: RGB stopped glowing after ErP change

    Hi, the RGB lights on my board stayed on, even when my computer was off. I turned ErP to s4+s5. Since then, the RGBs on the board stopped glowing.
    I tried to turn the off and on in the Bios, but...
  3. Thank you. Can you maybe list me all the settings...

    Thank you. Can you maybe list me all the settings I need in the Bios for stock power and normal boost?
    I want to be sure to have all correct.

    Thank you

    I played yesterday a bit, and it...
  4. Thx. Can the CPU still use his normal boost...

    Thx. Can the CPU still use his normal boost clocks if needed? I only want the stock power + the normal boost (like my old Intel), no extra OC. What would be the best settings for that?
  5. How do I turn off OC on a Crosshair Hero Vi x370 with a 3600x?

    Hi, I have:
    - Ryzen 3600x
    - Asus Crosshair Hero VI

    Before I started my PC I did a cmos reset. In Idle I had like 50C and voltages up to 1.5v. The CPU was boosting up to 4.4 Ghz (only watching...
  6. MSI GTX 970 dont work on first PCIe slot (Asus M5A97 Evo r.2)

    Hi, my friend has this set:

    Amd FX 8350
    Asus M5A97 Evo r.2
    Corsair CS550M (new)

    We bought a MSI GTX970 Gaming 4G. I deinstalld with DDU the old drivers and put the 970 in. The...
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