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  1. What Firmware version?

    What firmware version is on the new AX11000? I had trouble with several releases for different reasons. Version was pretty stable, with some hiccups from time to time. I...
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    TEST gane entry in Game Radar

    I scrolled all the way to the right on the Game Radar list and found a TEST entry with a broken graphic image. When i select it, the ping radar image only shows a shingle site in Russia.

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    Is your ASUS router's WAN IP public or private?

    The error is a good indication of at lest the DDNS failure. DDNS sends your WAN IP and updates a DNS pointer as your address changes. If you are sending a private IP (as the error indicates), the...
  4. Sticky: Suggestions

    Short 1: Usefull diagnostic tools
    Long 1: I have been fighting AiMesh connectivity for quite a while and it gets slightly better or slightly worse with each firmware. Build in some better...
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    I realize we are replying to an old thread, but the issue has not been resolved...

    I fought the same problem with different mesh nodes. My primary is an AX11000, with two AX92U mesh nodes. I fought disconnects for the past several firmware versions with no real solution other...
  6. Similar issues

    I've had a similar experience with the AX11000 (not the E version) and my AX92U mesh nodes. Each new firmware version fixes some issues, but then i'm chasing new problems.

    I'll omit issues and...
  7. Update on progress

    I factory reset and reconfigured the network on the latest firmware on all devices (AX11000 Primary, AX92U Mesh nodes (2), all on Initially i had the same connection dropping...
  8. I'll try again this weekend

    My mesh nodes upgraded to the latest firmware and also had connection issues. They seemed to be continually changing their connection paths causing high latency and connection loss. I rolled them...
  9. Unstable with AX92U Mesh nodes

    Initially i had a few devices that were showing connectivity issues intermittently. After about 4 hours mesh nodes started dropping connections. After 6 the netowrk was unusable.

    Downgraded back...
  10. RT-AX92U Mesh nodes connections drop with this update

    RT-AX92U Mesh node backhaul connections drop with this update for me. I have to reboot the system daily to maintain stability.

    Reverting back to to see if it resolves the...
  11. So far, so good!

    Applied the firmware this morning and it did not break pihole. So far, so good. Thanks!
  12. Same Problem

    I had the same issue with that firmware update. I had to downgrade back to to get the network up again. I tried just going back to (for the security patches), but...
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