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  1. Thread: Deleted

    by sledgep

    Just upgraded to Aura 1.07.57, still the same...

    Just upgraded to Aura 1.07.57, still the same issue, when my monitors go to sleep (Blank) the aura effects stop, until I open the Aura software and perform a resync.
    Asus Maximus X Xtream
    G Skill...
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    Sticky: Issue with Aura monitor. So I have had my aura...

    Issue with Aura monitor. So I have had my aura setting disabled on my moitor due to it causing some issues with past software. but also noticed the aura software on the effects were very slow, even...
  3. Thread: Deleted

    by sledgep

    So have had this issue since 1.7.17 - light...

    So have had this issue since 1.7.17 - light effects are very slow, even when set to the fastest speed, noticed the change at .17 and has persisted since. Other computer runs just fine effects are...
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    color effects stop working when monitors go to sleep.

    I have to restart to get them back.
    this just started after purchasing an Asus Rog Strix 35 inch curved display XG35V
    Motherboard Maximus X Apex Bios 0802
    16 GB (2 sticks) Gskill RGB Ram
    Asus Rog...
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    ROG Aura Terminal how to get it?

    So I would love to get this? I emailed Asus, they said its not a stand alone part. that its bundled with something, but did not say, might be with a laptop, but cant find what one?

    Anyone have...
  6. Aura Bluetooth integration for Bluetooth Addressable RGB controllers.

    So I have an Maximus X Apex this board does not have an addressable RGB Header. but I have one of those Magic LED SP105E bluetooth controllers. I have been looking, and no Windows software exists,...
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    Sticky: The ability to give different effect to some components.

    I would love to see the ability to give effects to separate components.

    Like each RGB header, set the mode to like CPU temp if I have an RGB FAN on my CPU.

    the Memory would look so cool, if I...
  8. Incorrect 3d print file for Strix x299 E gaming

    So I have been battling with Tech support for 3 weeks on this issue, sent them many pictures, links filling out bad forms.....

    So the board comes with two mini stand off's and screws and has a...
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    MAXIMUS VIII Extreme Mod RGB header

    so I just noticed the Hero and Formula have a separate RGB Header, I would love this on my Extreme, I have lots of 5050 RGB Strips that use USB, would love to tie one in. Any thoughts?

    Thank you
  10. b2 error on cold start, Maximus VIII Extream.

    When I cold boot the computer I get this error on the board, and on the display i just get a flashing underscore. I have to turn off the computer, unplugg every USB device and turn it back on and it...
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