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    VR for the PC masses please


    PlayStation VR is amazing but I'm part of the PC master race, where is my affordable VR setups?:eek:
  2. Sticky: Poll: Troubling analogy

    I also find the concept of the game quite interesting, how ever I don't think you can say its the best MOBA out there if its so early in its life.
    You're other point is also a mystery to me...
  3. Sticky: Poll: Missing in action

    LOL maybe all the DOTA fans here made them shy?
  4. Sticky: Poll: ;) Enough said..

    ;) Enough said..
  5. Sticky: Poll: Quite a nice review, really like the points you...

    Quite a nice review, really like the points you made except "EZ" that is toxic to the DOTA community.
  6. Sticky: Poll: Best moba is DOTA 2

    There is always this misconception that different MOBA players hate each other, but that's just a small majority of the community. We are after all gamers and thus most likely competitive in-game and...
  7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt + Total War

    Just imagine the EPIC scale of a battle in Total War combined with the Witcher's mechanics and BRAIN MELT BEAUTY and being a warrior on the field of battle. The absolute carnage and bloodshed would...
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    Sticky: My submission for Battle of the LoL Memes

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