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    It's a Windows thing....I deal with it all the...

    It's a Windows thing....I deal with it all the time. I am a beta tester for Microsoft and end up installing a new build about once a week. After every install I have to go into the LAN settings and...
  2. Asus, I am getting fed up with Realtek and overall sloppiness.

    I have always purchased the top Asus motherboard and graphics card for my personal systems since I can remeber (at least 20 years). I am a commercial system builder and use nothing but Asus products...
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    Q-code vs ACPI/ASL checkpoints

    I see in the manual for my Rampage IV black that some of the Q-codes state "Reserved for ASL (See ASL Status Codes section below)

    How are the ASL codes retrieved? There is not a direct correlation...
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