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  1. Already did it

    Already did it but only solved the rgb issue not the microphone issue, but thx for the advice :/
  2. I already updated mine

    Yes I know and I already did that but the issue with the mic is still there everytime I turn off my computer at night and then the next day when I start my computer the mic sound is very low and I...
  3. Did the update corrected youre mic issue??

    Because to me it didnt, only the rgb issue now both rgbs are working but not the mic i wanted to make shure im not the only one in this position :/
  4. I already updated mine

    I updated mine but I still need to unplug and plug my headphones to unbug or correct my microfone sound. I think they didn´t corrected that issue yet, unforntunely. Both rgb work now but the mic...
  5. I have the extact same problem!

    I have the same issue, but my botch left and right rgb dont work. And about the mic it happens to me too and everytime I start my computer I have to unplug and plug the headphones so that the mic can...
  6. Having the same issue here and could use some help

    I noticed the issue like today i turned my headset lights off and now when i wanted to turn the on the armory crate tells me i need to connect my device and it is already conncted :louco:
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