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  1. Yeah no doubt.

    That's what I am thinking. I wasn't doing anything on my pc at the time. Normally I am converting or creating a video or uploading or all at the same time. But at this moment, I was only watching...
  2. Done them all

    I had bought two upgraded ram sticks that I removed and put the old one back in. I also removed and unplugged everything from the mother board, removed the battery and unplugged it and held the power...
  3. Do you think it may be my CPU?

    I am sure its not the HD and the Ram or the video card. So I am assuming it wouldn't be opening into bios if the mother board is damages. So the only thing I can think is that the CPU is damaged. Do...
  4. You are the man Raju. But no joy

    I got into the USB which is good. But no joy.. It's progress. So I know there is going to be a way to fix this soon.
  5. I have tried 3

    Mine is a Tower, not like that matters. But I have tried two USB and one SD card. Still no joy. But you are thinking outside the box. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Thank you for trying.

    Just talking things like this out with others is always helpful, it helps to jog the brain to think of things outside of the box and come up with solutions that no one else has ever thought of. So...
  7. I get the error even without the HD installed

    I don't have CSM option in bios, so that topic is off the table. I get the error message even without the HD installed.
    The thing is, I can boot to ubuntu usb but I cannot boot to Windows USB
  8. Hoping its not hardware.

    If you read all my post, you would see the array of Stop Codes

    Stop code:
  9. Any other ideas?
  10. Did it and it didn't work.
    Any other suggestions?
  11. OK where is the file?

    Yes I would love to try. I will try anything. Where is it?

    I didn't instal ubuntu, but good news is the pc detected the USB ubuntu and booted it up. So I am happy to see that. However it wont run...
  12. Any

    I want Windows 7 because I find it much better. But the new ROG Strix pc does not work with windows 7 so I have to install Windows 10. But that's not the point. I can't install either of them. The...
  13. Tried that too

    I tried that too. I tried Windows 7 and I tried the old school Hirens. My pc just goes right past the USB and straight tot he BSOD
  14. I have tried it with secure boot disabled. With...

    I have tried it with secure boot disabled. With Secure boot enabled. With Legacy disabled. With Legacy enabled. I have tried it with Fast Boot disabled. And all the options that the internet has to...
  15. Tried and didn't work.

    I have tried that. I have tried it with secure boot disabled. With Secure boot enabled. With Legacy disabled. With Legacy enabled. I have tried it with Fast Boot disabled. And all the options that...
  16. I had hopes on the recover drive working. But no luck..

    I tried this. It took a while to get it created. In the mix of formating my USB over and over again with the Rufus and the Media creation tool, some where along the line it crashed. So I had to use...
  17. Done this. Thanks for the step by step. But it still isn't the fix I need.

    I have done this. But thank you for the step by step. The only process I didn't try was the AHCI settings. But just tried it and it still just spins and goes directly to the image that I put of the...
  18. Let me start form the begining.

    OK let me start from the beginning.
    My PC hit the blue screen of death out of no where.
    I wasn't doing any editing on my videos software or anything major.
    I was just watching netflix.
    I am not...
  19. Done that. I even installed Windows 10 from the...

    Done that. I even installed Windows 10 from the same usb device on a different Asus PC without any problem. I held esc and chose the boot device - held F2 went into bios and launched from boot menu...
  20. Help installing Windows 10 on ROG Strix GL10CS

    I am putting a new HD into my pc and need help installing Windows 10. I have created the USB bootable with Fat32 correctly and disabled security but there is no options on my bios to disable CSM...
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