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  1. Thanks! So I should at the very least move it...

    Thanks! So I should at the very least move it from the H_AMP connector to a CHA_Fan connector?
  2. Which fan header should this be plugged in to on my Maximums X Code MB?

    Just picked up a new Phantek P600S and moved all my stuff from my old case to the new one. The new case has a 8 port Universal Fan Hub Built in. It has three 3 pin headers, four 4 pin headers and...

    So the new Realtek Sound drivers seem to be causing an issue. I get the following what copying and pasting - ...
  4. Any reason at all to upgrade the Maximux X Code to the XI Code?

    Starting to see all the reviews/post that the new MB are coming out.

    Is the only difference the more USB 3.1 ports and Intel's wireless controller?
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    it made a huge difference, at least in the...

    it made a huge difference, at least in the benchmark. 73% to 103%.
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    Ok figured it out. Somehow my memory timings got...

    Ok figured it out. Somehow my memory timings got set back to default instead of using the XMP profile. I feel like this happens often, though maybe it was after a bios update.
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    Ram underperforming per UserBenchmark

    I currently have G.SKILL Ripjaws V DDR4 3200 (16GB) running on the XMP profile on my Maximus X Code board. The memory test is putting it way below comparable ram. Its running in dual channel. Is...
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    Intel Optane still worth it?

    So below is my system, when I built it about 6 months ago I had purchased a 32 gig Intel Optane stick. I just reformatted my machine and I have yet to turn on the Intel Optane and honestly I can't...
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    Other OS or Windows

    There is an option in the ASUS Maximus Bios (I think under secure boot) that says type of OS. It defaulted to Other OS. The other option is Windows. What does this actually control? It doesn't...
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    Delay in exiting sleep mode?


    Asus Maximus X Code
    Intel 8700k
    16 Gigs TridentZ 3200
    ADATA 1TB SU800 + Intel Optane 32 Gig chip
    Asus Radeon 580
    Windows 10

    Ok so not sure if its the motherboard or something else,...
  11. Bios Version 1101 released on Maximus X Boards

    Noticed my Maximus Code X had a bios update to 1101. Only info it list is * Update Intel CPU microcode

    Guessing some Spectre or Meltdown fixes.

    Seems to be working fine, though it did seem...
  12. Del freezes machine in boot up instead of entering Bios. F2 works

    So on bootup my system says press F2 or Del to get into the UEFI bios. F2 works, but DEL basically locks the computer up. This is with the Maximus X 10 Code with the 1003 bios. Not a huge deal...
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    found them

    Thanks for the replies. I found them. It was a VERY tiny bag that was under another bag. Very easy to miss.
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    M2 Screw for Maximus X Code Board?

    Building a new system and I have an Intel Optane chip I want to put in the M.2 slot under the metal plating (the one that is horizontal). On Chapter 2 it shows installing a spacer, then installing...
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    CMOS Battery going bad in less then a year?

    In the last month, at least 3 times I've turned on my PC and the time has been off (by almost 6 hrs). Windows and the Bios are both showing the same time (but obviously wrong). I have a Maximus...
  16. Popping Noise from speakers when shutting down PC

    Have a pair of Klipsch 2.1 speakers. (no off button on them). Every time I shut down my my PC, they make a pop noise. This is on the Asus Maximus VII Formula MB. It didn't happen with my old...
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