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  1. Double Check Firmware

    I'm using a GT 5300 not the AX11000, however double check that you are using the latest BIOS. Not sure about the 11000, but the 5300 BIOS update is NOT showign the latest one under the BIOS section...
  2. Link to test AIProtection

    According to my AIProtection details, the site that recorded hits was "" which I found just searching for test links. That said, BE CAREFUL using it, as I don't know how...
  3. Update

    I thought the new firmware today solved it, I thought I saw a count, but then looked again and all were '0'. Trying to find the test link that should cause the count to go up, but can't find it......
  4. I second the question

    I second this question (as do all the other posters....).

    I do not see anything in the release notes related to AIProtection counters.

    I'll report back after I give it a try.
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