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    ROG laptop booting into BIOS loop

    Hi everyone
    Yesterday I was cleaning my asus rog g750gz laptop with a paper towel and alcohol, all the laptop, some of the keyboard keys were really dirty so I cleaned them a bit hard and put a bit...
  2. 1. I dont know what cross examine is, the...

    1. I dont know what cross examine is, the internet says its to interrogate a witness so dont know what you tried to say there but as I said in the main post I checked both the Pc and adapter both...
  3. G750JZ no reconoce adaptador de corriente no recibe energía


    Tengo un problema con mi laptop y es que no reconoce que el adaptador de corriente o cargador de batería está conectado aun cuando este está conectado es decir la luz led que indica carga...
  4. G750JZ not recognizing AC power supply not Powering on or Charging battery

    The laptop would not recognize the adapter and I am not able to charge my battery or powering it on without the battery. A few months ago it started not recognising the mains power, the charger was...
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    G750JZ DC power jack damaged?

    Hi guys!

    I have a G750JZ since 2014 and for some reason I cant discover why my laptop doesn't charge when plugged in, the led of battery charging - power cord connected (orange/green led) doesn't...
  6. My 1st ROG: 750JZ any tips for a newb?

    Hey Guys :D

    I just bought a G750JZ-DS71 this week and it should arrive the next week w/some luck but this is the first time I buy an ASUS product, the ROG series. I'm completely new to the ASUS...
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