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  1. Reply to low CPU perf s17

    Hey Master, thanks for taking the time.
    After uninstall and reinstall i got 11k and as you said, performance wasn't affected.
    However, watch me come back to you when an update of armoury crate...
  2. Reply

    Reinstalled Armoury crate after i did the benchmark without it and now i get 11k.
    I've made youtube video of me doing the test, and going through armoury crate. Here is the link ...
  3. Low cpu perf

    Hi! Just did TimeSpy run with armoury crate installed and uninstalled here are the results:
    Installed (turbo profile): CPU 9658
    Un-installed (default windowns): CPU...
  4. Reply to low CPU performance

    Hey master,

    Out of the factory my S17 was scoring 11000 CPU, let me attach you many TimeSpy as proof. Most of those results are mine unless one.
    After doing update of either Armory Crate...
  5. Friendly reminder

    Hey @MasterC, friendly reminder i paid 3500 USD for the top of the line S17 QHD i9 11900h 3080 and i'm getting terrible CPU score on TimeSpy when Armory crate is installed (Turbo profile).
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    Missing items too

    Hey i did a fresh install too and i'm missing items, i tried to dowload utilities from the support pages but nothing change, how did you solved it ?
  7. S17 GX703HS low cpu performance

    1. Clear description of your issue
    LOW CPU Performance (i9 11900H), Turbo profile, scoring only 9.4k CPU TimeSpy when normal score is 11k.
    The issue seems to happen only when Armoury crate...
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