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  1. ASUS Support just got me to download another copy...

    ASUS Support just got me to download another copy of the AI Suite 3.6 package - different location from the Rog Zenith Extreme Alpha download section, I had no AISuite installed previously as I had...
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    Sticky: Dip5 is

    Dual Intelligent Processors V, part of AISuite.
  3. Well you have been warned.

    ASUS drivers and software despite their names being the same are NOT unified I.E using a piece of software from one board on another can have consequences, my understanding is that DIP5 does not just...
  4. How is that possible when

    Now I am confused according to the ASUS support site here:

    The latest version of DIP available for download is...
  5. Zea

    So you are running a Zenith Extreme Alpha as well, I found that DIP5 was causing random shutdowns on me, I was running 2.00.2 what version are you running?
  6. Zenith Extreme Alpha motherboard.

    Zenith Extreme Alpha motherboard.
  7. Same problem here, just another one to add to my ZEA

    I did this update too and got the same error, anyone else here running a ZEA and having random power downs?
  8. If you are running windows

    If you are running windows try removing DIP5, I had the same issue and uninstalled it, I have now been 5 days without a crash.
  9. Sticky: Had the same problem with my ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha

    I had the same issue, you expect the drivers on the USB to at least get the system running but I had to clean it all out and download the latest from the ASUS website - lesson learned.

    In addition...
  10. AI Suite 3.0.51 and DIP5 2.00.2 Issues Thread

    I think DIP5 has an issue.

    I am presently trying to diagnose an issue on my ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha, I am suffering from unexplained occasional hard shut downs. I read that one user was...
  11. DIP5 issue?

    I am presently trying to diagnose an issue on my ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha, I am suffering from unexplained occasional hard shut downs. I read that one user was advised by ASUS to remove the fan...
  12. Up until recently

    Up until recently ( in fact until about a week ago ) the patches from Intel and Microsoft broke overclocking on my RVE10 with 6900K, I could delete the microcode update from the windows system32...
  13. Was there any post codes that looked out of place?

    Not so long ago my 2950x went belly up and it was running for a couple of weeks and just over a period of three days it slowly died.

    It came up with a CPU code 0D a couple of times before it went...
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    I had heard squat from anyone with regards to...

    I had heard squat from anyone with regards to messages I had sent over the last two weeks and then boom ten messages in my inbox from the ROG forums which when checking the site the previous night...
  15. The Dimm 2 Connector

    I assumed that the Alpha and the Non Alpha both have the DIMM2 socket near the ATX power connector ( ASUS's version of a M.2 PCIe Raid ) on which you can place the card for running two M.2 drives in...
  16. Congratz

    Well done and sorting it out, it's something I'll have to look out for myself as I have an 970 Evo installed on my Win 10 Pro R5E10.
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    If you are asking where you should place the additional sensors.

    I would place them on the Equipment most likely to fail due to heat issues, in my case for example an I appreciate yours may be different I would place one on my Broadcom 9361-8i's CPU as that card...
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    AI Suite 3.00.51 Issues on ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha

    O.K After having had a CPU death after two weeks I am now back up and running.

    AI Suite 3.00.51 Clean install from ASUS website for Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit 1903 Build 18632.639
    Memory is Corsair...
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    Reword your question.

    Не могли бы вы перефразировать ваш вопрос, так как я не могу понять, что вы спрашиваете? < google translate >
  20. I think my mobo may have died ZEA.. RIP.

    I started having some problems after having this board up and running happily for a month.

    First problem that occurred was a CPU Code 0D - Never seen this before and it said reserved. I pulled the...
  21. O.K This is going to sound truely out there BUT

    I have a ROG Zenith Alpha with a 2950x I installed the game first drivers off of the supplied USB stick and then after reboot checked for an update - which there was, I applied the update and...
  22. Make sure that in U.E.F.I the system is still not...

    Make sure that in U.E.F.I the system is still not trying to boot from the old NVMe drive as opposed to the new one and needless to say make sure the USB isn't still plugged in, in case it's trying to...
  23. Query RE Rog Zenith Extreme onboard OLED display

    So I don't have to rip my system apart.. yet.

    On page 1-26 Item 16 Shows an OLED header, I am assuming that this is an expansion header for another OLED display so that you can have one at the...
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    Sticky: I noted the same

    Zenith Extreme Alpha - 0207 Stable as a rock at 3200Mhz on my corsair 3200Mhz ram ( Quad chan 64GB kit )
    1901 - Forget it, shut down CPU fans, and even with them running still crashes randomly for...
  25. I'm going to piggypack of this ( hope you don't mind )

    I would like to know also if you can place this device in the board with no drives in it - I like the aesthetic of it and what effects would it have if the board was unpopulated?
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