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    Sorry for the late response. If it's not moving,...

    Sorry for the late response. If it's not moving, then you missed a screw or two. Right off the image, I can see you missed one on the right side of the tray. If you need additional info, you can...
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    G20 Power Management for GTX 1060

    I have the G20AJ with the 230W power supply and was wondering if it's possible to boot with a GTX 1060 without using a second power supply. I am aware that the jumpers have to be placed in a certain...
  3. More details available about G20AJ overheating issues?

    Hello all,

    I'm currently shopping for a G20AJ and I've seen many negative reviews saying that this model has serious overheating and blue screen issues.

    What part is actually overheating? The...
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