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  1. This doesn't work for me. I also read that a...

    This doesn't work for me. I also read that a fresh install of Windows would fix this, but it didn't fix it either. Any other Ideas?
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    I recently (4 Weeks Ago) installed the iCue...

    I recently (4 Weeks Ago) installed the iCue software as I am starting to replace my NZXT AER fans and have not had any issues. I am currently running both iCue and CAM at the same time both using...
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    boot looping before entering bios

    I could not access your video, but it sounds like what happened to me.

    I was running an 1800X on 1401 bios OCed to 4.18 GH with 2 sticks of 3200 MHz hynix A-Die memory with no real problems ...
  4. Getting Nortons Virus alert on ASUS Sonic Radar 3 File. Any body else gett this?

    My Nortons just popped up a virus warning in the file sonicmapperconfigurator.exe this is part of the Sonic Radar 3 program that is installed with the Sonic Studio software. I have the most recent...
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    Help! random non-BSOD restarts, Randon BIOS value changes and strange Cinebench FPS

    Hello, I am new here. Though I have been my own system since the days of AMD K6 (I still have my I, II, and III), I have very little OCing experience. I am hopping someone can point me in the right...
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