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  1. EK-FB Asus ROG ZE Monoblock for Threadripper socket TR4

    Hi folks,

    I wanted to start a thread and post some info on the new EK block for TR4 (Asus ROG edition).

    This this is beauty and the beast! It is huge because socket TR4 is huge. It is beautiful...
  2. Success with AiSuite3 3.00.01 and X399-E Strix

    I was having issues with AiSuite as well. Not the outright crashing but really annoying. For instance, it completely broke World of Warships from running network traffic properly. Connect fails and...
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    Where is the X399-E Strix forum?

    Hey moderators, can you create a forum for the new ROG X399-E Strix users please?
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