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  1. There is a fairly new MS Update that covers the...

    There is a fairly new MS Update that covers the latest Intel v2 microcode for most modern CPUs.

    Here is the article that explains the update and the CPUs covered by it:...
  2. Solved my NVMe boot issues on ASUS x99 RVE 1.0 and thought I'd share solution

    I had an m.2 AHCI based SSD (SM951) initially but moved to an NVMe based Samsung 960 Pro via a system image restore. That appeared to work great that day with no real issues. However on the next...
  3. Try this to fix it, it worked for me

    Browse to C:\Program Files\ASUS\AMDA\Io

    If that folder does not exist, install the ASUS Probe Sense Driver

    Run AsIoIns.exe from that folder AS ADMINISTRATOR.

    Reboot, check again... may need...
  4. re: melt patch microsoft and gpu tweak ii

    Thank you for posting this. Before I take the plunge and try anything, what version of GPU Tweak did you use in the steps above? All the same version? Started with older version, but installed the...
  5. Same here... ASUSGPUFanServiceEx.exe crashes when GPU Tweak 2 tries to start

    I am also seeing the same message after the reboot from the Windows Update.

    I then tried upgrading to that latest release of GPU Tweak 2 and that had zero impact on the issue.
  6. Yes - Me Too... was thinking my ISP was flaky but only my PC was doing it

    I have the exact same problem after the latest cumulative update update to windows 10 last night.

    Very odd and I've yet to find a 'real' fix to the issue.

    I'm on gen 1 RVE mobo.
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    Had a similar issue and resolved it by turning...

    Had a similar issue and resolved it by turning off Energy Efficient LAN option in the adapter config. Maybe that was pure happenstance but it worked for me. Good luck.

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