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    AX11000 + AX6100 in AiMesh unstable

    If all I do is use my AX11000 in AP mode (and use my WRT3200ACM as my main router), I can use GeForece Experience + Moonlight without any issues. Works great. The problem is, I get almost no signal...
  2. QUOTE=dadmi;800246]Connect WAN of AX11000 to the...

    QUOTE=dadmi;800246]Connect WAN of AX11000 to the LAN of Linksys.[/QUOTE]

    Connecting to WAN didn't seem to change much. I ended up changing out the cables, and now I get the speeds I am looking for...
  3. AX11000 speed is 1/3 what I pay for, no issues with my Linksys, any ideas?

    Ok, so I just got this $400 wireless router thinking it would be a upgrade, only to find out that its slower than my Linksys AC router. This is my setup:
    - Comcast with 200 down (i usually see 250)...
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