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  1. Not much of change with 2501 except mouse works in bios But

    I concur not much change with bios 2501, my Ryzen 3700X maxs out at 4.3 GHz @ 1.37 volts set manually in bios. But I have gotten my ram @ 3400 MHz with tighter timings (14,14,14,14, 34,48,...
  2. Found the answer

    I got my DDR4 G Skill Flare X 3200 MHz ram 16 GB (2 X 8 GB) now working at 3400 MHz (16,16,16,16,38...T1) with 1.4 volts on the ram with AMD 3700X on Auto for voltage.
    I had to flash bios back...
  3. Good Evening, I tried the recommended...

    Good Evening,

    I tried the recommended solution but motherboard failed to boot with ram at 2733 MHz. I can boot with ram at 2400 MHz with tight settings of 14,14,14,14,30... .

    My 3700X ...
  4. Thanks for the reply, I guess that this is the...

    Thanks for the reply, I guess that this is the price of being on the cutting edge. I will keep my eyes open for the updated bios, I am getting 2400 MHz on my 3200 MHz rtam.
  5. AMD 3700X on Crosshair VII, board fails to post if 3200 MHz Ram set over 2400 MHz

    Good Afternoon All,

    I have put an AMD Ryzen 3700X on my ASUS Crosshair VII Hero motherboard, I have overclocked the AMD Ryzen 3700X processor to 42.25 GHz on all cores with 1.36 volts on the...
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    G.Skill DDR4 Trident Z 3733Mhz not Optimized for AMD

    The G.Skill DDR4 Trident Z 3733Mhz DDR4 Ram not Optimized for AMD Ryzen 7 systems. It optimized for Intel systems. AMD Ryzen 7 systems tend to perform better with tighter ram timing settings....
  7. TEst the motherboard and ram to see which has the defect

    I would also recommend testing if there is an issue with the motherboard or the ram.

    1. Test the motherboard; put different ram sticks in the motherboard to see if it boots properly. If it the...
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