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    GT-AX11000 Switch Connections

    I have connected a TP-Link SG-108PE switch to my AX11000 router but I can not seem to get it to work I have the settings on the switch correct but for some reason the switch doesn't seem to work as...
  2. I have just progressed to the second stage of...

    I have just progressed to the second stage of getting a code for the game. It is a bit confusing as you need to resubmit the information again but this time you need a photo of the box my monitor...
  3. Sorry

    I worked it out I unplugged all my leads the other day and plug into the on board HDMI port:o
  4. ROG Strix GTX 1080 - not recognized [Resolved]

    The last Windows 10 update a couple of days ago also updated the Intel onboard graphics, Now my PC will not recognise my ASUS Rog Strix graphics card. I have updated to the latest driver, Nivida...
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    Sticky: Hi All

    Hi All

    Just built a new system mainly for my son so he can play the flight sim I bought him, I have been playing console games mainly over last couple of years. Looking forward to getting some...
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    I,m not much help

    I have just set up my system and I am having no issues with 5Ghz connectivity ( Netgear D6400 ). I did just up date the driver for the wireless adaptor. Sorry I am not much help what I can suggest is...
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