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  1. Solution

    Hi cl-Albert

    Thanks again for you investigation.

    If we run the setup in Windows, it's the same. After a reboot it switch back to W10-Home
    And unfortunately for upgrade the system to W10 pro...
  2. W10 installation options

    Hi cl-Albert

    Thanks for you reply.

    OK, so if we do UEFI, how can we prevent that the system still use the embedded W10 Home Key.
    The installation starts normal, but we should have after...
  3. GL704GW UEFI CSM Option and Installing Win10 Pro

    Hi all

    We bought a ROG Strix SCAR II - GL704GW-EV001T and run into trouble to change the CSM Parameters, for making an OEM W10 pro installation.
    As you can see in the pictures, we disabled Secure...
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