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  1. Hello did you ever find out what those cables...

    Hello did you ever find out what those cables were ?
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    REQUEST! bios downgrade gx502gv

    My gx502 updated automatically bios and now I can't undervolt anymore can someone pls send me an older version where you can undervolt
  3. Did you guys find a solution to the problem? I'm...

    Did you guys find a solution to the problem? I'm trying to sell my GX502 but I can't fix this issue
  4. after uninstalling and reinstalling every driver...

    after uninstalling and reinstalling every driver related to asus the problem still persist, any help?
  5. GX502 keyboard backlight not working properly

    Hello there my keyboard backlight has not been working as expevted lately. I dont know if it is a software issue or an hardware issue as it is a problem that has been coming and going in the last...
  6. hello i have a gx502gv which is probably the same...

    hello i have a gx502gv which is probably the same model you have, as far as it goes for the temperatures i can tell you that it's just asus that uses a trash thermal compound, I've changed the...
  7. +1 s15 gx502gv updated some firmware via armoury...

    +1 s15 gx502gv updated some firmware via armoury crate and i got something similar. Funny thing is that its not the first time that it happens, the last time it got fixed with an update like some...
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    GX502 coil whine?

    I've actually been a power user for all the time spent with this laptop but recently I started studying more with my gf which required me to put the pc under optimus rather than discrete gpu so that...
  9. Hello I have a gx502 which driver am I supposed...

    Hello I have a gx502 which driver am I supposed to use ? The ss3 one or the Nahmic ?
  10. Thread: Reposting gx502

    by dvrko

    Reposting gx502

    Hello wanted to ask if anyone has repasted a gx502 or any of the gu laptops with the same cpu/design and if itís worth it, Iím currently using throttlestop to lock turbo boost to 3 ghz to achieve a...
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    Might downgrade

    might just downgrade to 308 the lack of undervolt really bothers me
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    update no2 it also broke my speaker

    Alright asus I'm really getting mad rn I usually use my laptop with headphones and I haven't unplugged them in a few days, today I decided to unplug them as I was watching a show and goddammit now my...
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    avoid if you use throttlestop

    well I ended up updating and it ****ed up my undervolt settings throught throttlestop, avoid this update if you use the app
    edit: come on asus this is a big deal for me, I understand it was...
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    gx502 bios update v310

    Has anyone tried this update, can confirm that it is safe to update, what's the changelog, I'd like a more precise changelog from asus other than improved system stability
    edit: asus site is...
  15. you can try to uninstall the driver to see if it...

    you can try to uninstall the driver to see if it helps I actually uninstalled it some time ago for this reason it isnít anything too important and you can just redownload it through nvidia site if...
  16. I had the same problem, not that I had a poor...

    I had the same problem, not that I had a poor download speed but I had 200 vs 500 from my iPad which made me a bit upset all youíre missing is the multi antenna driver look for it in the driver page...
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    New intel DCH drivers

    Hello so some days ago windows updated pushed some new intel dch drivers which I havenít installed yet, idk what they exactly do but An user under a YouTube video stated that heís getting better...
  18. Gx502gv waking up from deep sleep automatically after sometime

    Apparently Iím being unfortunate with my gx502 but it seems like when I put it in sleep mode (when I suspend it) itís stays suspended for some time but then it turns on automatically any1 got a fix?
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    Usb-c acting weird gx502

    long story short it kinda works but it also kinda doesn't every time I connect something from the usb c port like my ipad or iphone it connects but then it keeps connecting and disconnecting in loop
  20. Solved

    Sorry that was dumb and quick long story short I had installed another ssd and when you update bios it restores it to default settings, the solution was to go back to bios and change back sata mode...
  21. GX502 bsod "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" after bios v308 update - solved

    Title says it all after updating my bios the pc wonít boot up and I get the sad windows face with the error: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE
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