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  1. ROG Delta Equalizer Does Not Work

    ROG Delta audio options under 'Sound Optimiztion' does not work in Armoury Crate.
  2. Armoury Crate Not Loading Multiple Devices

    As of v4.2.5.0, Armoury Crate is not loading 4 of my ASUS devices after clicking 'Devices' > 'ASUS Device Name'. It shows the 'loading' message in the center of the Armoury Crate window for 5...
  3. ROG Delta Version

    This update completely removed any bass that this headset is capable of. Adjusting the sliders for the equalizer does NOTHING to improve bass quality.
  4. ROG Gladius 2 Origin and ROG Strix Flare

    ASUS. WHY am I seeing my ROG mouse listed under the KEYBOARD AND MOUSE tabs in my Device Manager!? Also, WHY do I see 3 'HID Keyboard' entries under my Keyboard tab in Device Manager!? WHY do I see...
  5. ROG Gladius 2 Origin

    Someone's software is installing drivers for my ROG Gladius 2 Origin in my 'Keyboard' tab AND 'Mouse' tab in Device Manager. It is causing every window I open to auto scroll to the bottom. It has...
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    ROG Delta Post Version 0045 Firmware Update

    Mic is still not working after Firmware update 0045. I have already done a complete reinstall of Armory Crate, Realtek drivers, Sonic Radar 3 and Sonic Studio 3.
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