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    Normal At Night

    I tried it during day vs night, and the internet speed is normal at night (around 12 AM - 3 PM), and during the day, it got throttled. My PC don't have this problem though. And yes, I've tried it...
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    Thank you, but my Wi-Fi speed is still slow along with the missing 1 signal Wi-Fi bar, and I've both installed the WLAN & BT drivers too, I wonder why.
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    Does This Works For Laptop Too?

    Hi, does this works for ROG laptop too? I've ROG GL503GE on BIOS version 316 with both Intel WLAN & BT drivers at version 21.30, but the Wi-Fi speed is very slow compared to it used to be, and even...
  4. This Fix The Low Mic Voice On GL503GE

    Hi, thanks for your information, using the Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - ASUS ROG SS3 NB/DT) driver fix the low mic voice on my GL503GE, but I'm curious now, why this driver is not listed in the ASUS...
  5. My Headset Mic Is Loud As I Expected Now

    Hi, thanks for your help, but I really want to know why these drivers are not listed on ASUS website? I have my GL503GE too and the latest available audio driver from that site for my laptop is...
  6. It Works, Still On Monitoring Though

    Hi, I just update my BIOS to version 316 (since I don't want to use 317 and that version also got removed on ASUS site too) and up until now, no any problems have been detected. My Throttlestop's...
  7. Mixed Opinions

    Again, I do agree that ASUS should give us some option to configure the undervolt settings, I mean if they really want to protect the user's security regarding this issue, why rollout the BIOS update...
  8. Tfyi

    I see, thank you for your information, but I've seen some Dell's laptops that got BIOS update to allow the undervolt feature. Because of that, I was thinking ASUS should also do the same.
  9. It Does

    It does though, I don't have any problem on version 317 when using ASUS's WLAN & BT drivers (20.50) but did have problem with Windows Updates' (21.30). Now I'm on version 318, no problem with the...
  10. BIOS Downgrade Is Safe?

    It is safe to downgrade the BIOS version? I've this warning message that tell me to do not downgrade BIOS version. I have the problem with the version 317 that make my WLAN and BT drivers which using...
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    Battery Drainage

    Yeah me too, I did turn off my laptop and left it for about 5 days and its battery was about 50% after I turned it on again, I think it is the normal behavior for Windows' fast startup, which...
  12. Still Possible to Undervolt?

    So it is still possible to undervolt it right? Intel said "Intel recommends you contact your system manufacturer to determine if your system supports overclocking.", so I think ASUS can (or must)...
  13. Update - After BIOS Update ver. 318

    So ASUS has released a new BIOS version, ver. 318 and after I installed it, no problem so far even using Windows Update's WLAN and BT drivers.
    But the problem now is, my offset voltage settings...
  14. Try Using The Manufacturer's Drivers

    I had this issue before, and I have posted it here. Have you tried using the drivers from the ASUS's site?
  15. Try Using The Manufacturer's Drivers

    I had this issue before, and I have posted it here. Have you tried using the drivers from the ASUS's site?
  16. Update

    After I reinstalled my Windows 10 again, installed BT (v20.50.1.2) and WLAN (v20.50.3.3) drivers from the ASUS's site, and edited the Group Policy for disabling Windows automatic drivers update...
  17. Try Using The Manufacturer's Drivers

    I had this issue on late May 2020, it seems because Windows Update that update my BT and WLAN drivers to version 21.30. This made my ROG GL503GE randomly freezing because the BT always suddenly...
  18. Bluetooth Random Disappearing & Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

    This is crazy man, this is happened to my ASUS ROG GL503GE laptop these past two weeks, and I had to clean install my Windows 10 4 times, using Ubuntu 20.4 didn't help either (my laptop will suddenly...
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