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  1. RAID1 VROC fingers crossed or install the latest BIOS?

    Thank you for the reply.

    Respectfully, what is this statement based on?
    i.e. completed testing and/or documentation discovered?

    To be clear, the R6E BIOS does allow 02x Intel 7600p Pro...
  2. Hardware & software details

    This is the forth, maybe five, Asus ROG board I've used over the past 10+ years in server builds.
    It has a great community, most issues get resolved after reported.

    I'm not a gamer (take a look...
  3. R6E Intel VROC RAID1 W10 boot working for days then RAID1 boot array disappeared!

    After months of reading, trial and error with VROC keys, various NVMe storage, W7 & W10 testing;
    I configure a RAID1 VROC CPU storage array in the BIOS.
    Then when installing W10, I did...
  4. Mr. Fox, YOU ARE THE MAN...

    Mr. Fox,

    YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I downloaded the drivers provided by you second URL, installed them and all Intel X299 USBs 3.1, 3.0 and 2.0 plus ASMedia USB 3.1 &...
  5. Hi, Thank you for the reply, my...

    Thank you for the reply, my understanding is some of the USB ports are handled by the Intel X299 chipset and some are handled by the ASMedia chipset. Given this, a W7 X299 USB Driver is...
  6. USB drivers for RAMPAGE VI (X299) with Windows 7

    I just moved my Windows 7 RAMPAGE IV desktop to a new RAMPAGE VI (X299) desktop.
    I've got everything handled in Device manager except the USB ports.
    I tried the W7 USB drivers on

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