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  1. Now that I've removed the 950 I can't read any...

    Now that I've removed the 950 I can't read any harddrives
  2. Asus rampage iv partially boots then reboots or gets stuck

    m.2 drive
    nvidia 980
    16 gb ram

    When I added the m.2 drive I had problems but the bios supports m.2, I have it in a pci card adapter. The symptoms are the power turns on and sometimes it boots...
  3. Update

    Update: I was able to download the bios today (something wasn't working yesterday.)

    I've updated the bios and flashed the bios, but I still have problems re-booting to the drive after I set it up...
  4. Asus Hyper m.2 x4 mini/Samsung 950 Pro/Rampage iv Extreme Edition/Windows 10 Pro

    My problem: The title reflects the situation and the m.2 SSD is not working, usually after a reboot. Then the bios gets screwy and I have to readjust.

    I'm attempting to follow the instructions...
  5. ASUS Rampage IV Extreme 12 GB Mem only 6 Showing

    Hello, Longtime ASUS Fan. First ROG posting.

    I'm upgrading from my Rampage III Extreme to my IV and I opted (temporarily) to use the triple buffer ram from the III, I followed the diagram in the...
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