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  1. Latest ArmouryCrate Service/App resolved my G531GW battery problems!

    OK, it's a rant as well as a success story...

    I've had my ROG Strix SCAR III G531GW for a while and have always suffered from a poor battery. Independent reviews gave it 4 to 4.5 hours with...
  2. Why does my G531GW sound like it has a 5,400rpm hard disk?

    I noticed this almost immediately but in recent days it's playing havoc. My laptop is making the electrical noise equivalent of what a 5,400rpm drive would make when maxed out. Something in between...
  3. G531GW screen imperfections - What is this?

    I've had numerous laptops over the years, all cheaper than my G531GW, I've never experienced a single issue with my screen. Here after a few months, these have appeared. From a distance seems like a...
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    Hi, nope don't have that issue but I'm really...

    Hi, nope don't have that issue but I'm really pissed off about my battery life. This was a well-researched parameter and though it's a gaming machine, I expected way more than 2 hours on wifi. Time...
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    So, in the end I got about 95 minutes. Something...

    So, in the end I got about 95 minutes. Something is clearly wrong.
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    G531GW battery life

    Hi guys,

    Notebookcheck tested the battery life and came up with close to 5 hours for their wifi test. I'm sat here mostly reading a PDF at minimum brightness with the occasional internet search...
  7. Wunderbar! Thanks for that.


    Thanks for that.
  8. My G531GW has not been shipped with correct software


    Bought a new G531GW (STRIX III) from a reseller in China. It would’ve ordinarily come with a Chinese OS so I asked them to install an English copy of Windows 10 in place. However, there is...
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