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  1. thanks, this method had worked pre the 7/15/20...

    thanks, this method had worked pre the 7/15/20 updates but unfortunately it does not fix my current issue
  2. Update: (error code: 12)

    *fix did not work*
    Armoury Crate pushed me a memory & mouse update today. They both installed fine, there was no error code:12 for the rog gladius ii this time. Devices are up to date. However, aura...
  3. ROG Gladius II (Error code :12)

    *Stuck in update loop*
    And I am back to having issues with this software. I can not access aura sync functions. I was pushed a few up updates today. All of which installed fine until the Rog Gladius...
  4. Much Respect & Many Thanks @GreyWolfCalgary

    GreyWolfCalgary, in my reality, you are todays winner! Your advice did fix my issue & I once again have full control of connected devices via Armoury Crate. Not sure why I didn't think of this...
  5. Update 5/19/2020

    Today's Motherboard update that was pushed did not fix my issue that started on 4/30. I did not have this issue before that date.


    Item Version
    ---- ...
  6. Broken Armoury Crate

    This method originally worked for me. However, on 4/30/2020 these steps no longer fix an issue I am experiencing. My motherboard is seen on the 'devices' tab but when I click to expand its options...
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