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  1. Speed affects powerdraw

    This is not true, if you set windows to high performance constantly maxing out speed (instead of balanced) the cpu constantly draws more power, I have a 9900k, a 3600, a 8400 and a 4800HS and they...
  2. thank you bro

    This worked for me thanks bro :)
  3. Solved

    I had the same issue on a Maximus XI Gene, I just plugged it off and the restarted it and the bluetooth device was detected, TY:)
  4. Replies

    thank you :)

    Telstar thanks for the quick reply, I'd really like to go for the optane 900p but here in Italy a Samsung 970 pro 512GB costs 158 while a 900p 480GB costs 608 (420 for the 280GB), four times the...
  5. Replies

    pcie lanes again :)

    I own a XI Gene too. I was thinking about mounting 2 x samsung 970 pro drives in raid 0 on the separate DIMM.2 and install windows on them (do you think I can boot from the RAID 0?) + a 16GB Optane...
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