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  1. Pricing confirmed!

    The ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501V-IGZ036T is priced at RM15 999, and is available for pre-order NOW!
  2. Less bloat on ASUS ROG laptops with PureOS version!

    We all know the feeling of buying a new laptop, and having to uninstall our way through loads of bloatware to get our new system as minimal as possible to extract the most performance out of it. At...
  3. ASUS ROG GL753,GL553,FX553,FX753,FX53,FX73 critical BIOS update!

    If you have seen a "Firmware Update Tool" popup on your desktop, do not worry as it is a legit update from ASUS. The latest BIOS version 302 by ASUS is to fix an issue with the GPU vBIOS that causes...
  4. Let me check if I have a third kidney to sell :D

    Let me check if I have a third kidney to sell :D
  5. Zephyrus ECO mode!

    The ROG ZEPHYRUS will come with a setting called ECO mode in the ROG Gaming center, the default setting is ON which limits the GPU power to 100W. At this setting, you enjoy all of Max-Q benefits,...
  6. ROG ZEPHYRUS GX501V-IGZ036T (Malaysia Spec) specifications!

    If you were eyeing the ROG Zephyrus since its announcement at Computex 2017, well, we have the specifications for the Malaysian variant right here right now :cool:


    Pricing is still TBA,...
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    [e-Sports]The International 7

    Wow it must have been quite a weekend for DotA 2 fans watching Liquid rise from the lower brackets all the way to snatch the Aegis in The International 7. For those who missed out on all the amazing...
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