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  1. found a solution

    I found a solution for all the issues I reported.
    I have unplugged my asus strix raid dlx from my motherboard, and then, I plugged a creative soundblaster sound card.
    The driver seems cheaper...
  2. news

    I have new bugs (1.1.10) :
    - I have only left speaker working (tested with smartphone, no problem with the speakers), in my headset it's ok
    - my microphone goes to 81 volume, I need to set it to 90...
  3. [Strix raid dlx] DRM issue (netflix and stuff) and mic volume issue


    I have the Asus Strix raid DLX for one year now, and i have 2 issues since the beginning...
    Why i can't read drm content like netflix on edge / windows 10 app ?
    for the moment i have a...
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