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    G750JX Over heat

    Hi Guys,

    Need help on the below

    My G750JX laptop is getting over heated , even while IDLE and shutting down automatically while playing Games.

    Any Idea? what could be the reason.
  2. ASus G750jx Shut down abruptly while playing Games

    Dear Friends,

    While playing Games like Battlefield 4 ,FAr cry 4 and FIFA 15, My Asus G750JX shut down abruptly.

    GPU Temp--> 78 C

    GPU USage --> 99 %

    Memory clock speed --> 4010 MHZ,
  3. Not Able to play games on high settings without charger plugged in(battery mode)

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to play NFS rivals , Bioshock infinite and FIFA 14 with high settings on G750JX on battery mode.(without power supply Adapter plugged in). Please let me know can i play alone...
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