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  1. Answers

    I'm still with Armory 2.04.07 (I have not updated it since).

    Windows had already registered the mouse on that USB port, so it was necessary to change the USB port so WIndows installed the mouse...
  2. Final Solution

    I found the final solution for the Rog Spatha Mouse.


    1) Updating Rog Armory
    2) Remove Rog Armory from Windows start


    Windows detected the mouse, did the...
  3. New issues - 100% software

    I left the computer for 10 minutes.
    When I came back,
    Windows had a message that USB was not being recognized,
    and Rog Spatha's mouse with the lights off.

    Since surely the problem is caused by...
  4. classical mousePad optical ilusion?

    If the mousepad is colorful, in certain specific positions on the mousepad, the mouse sensors detect movement because of the color variation, even if there is no movement.

    Try using a fully black...
  5. Solved! Solved! Solved! Solved! Solved! Solved! Solved! Solved! Solved!

    1) I downloaded Rog Armory 2.04.07 zip file and unzipped into a folder
    2) I connected the mouse Rog Spatha on the cable
    2b) I use another common mouse to operate the computer
    3) Close all Rog...
  6. Intermittent mouse no-detection | No one from ASUS knows about RMA in Brazil

    Wired: Intermittent detection (less than 2 seconds)
    Wireless: Perfect Operation

    Connecting the ROG Spatha to the computer in wired mode, with ROG ARMORY 2.04.04 opened -...
  7. How the wireless problem was resolved


    I bought a Corsair keyboard, and I installed the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) version 2.20.72 on 12/18/2017.
    A perfect month later (01/19) the problem...
  8. I will use the mouse in Wireless mode, until ASUS found a solution


    I will draw

    Step 1 - Put Mouse on the cable
  9. STATUS: Normal work in Wireless mode, does not work in wired mode

    1) So the mouse is working now? In wireless mode too?

    Now I have a "wireless only" mouse - but I'm very happy to be working

    The resolution of the intermittent Wireless problem occurred hours...
  10. The procedure produces crash every time with ARMORY "Live Update"

    1) I updated the ROG ARMORY to 2.04.04 version

    2) I opened the mouse, disconnected the battery, closed the mouse, and connected the USB cable (Wired Mode)

    3) I run ROG ARMORY, open...
  11. 100% Corrupted Firmware in mouse - Confirmed

    I tested the mouse on another computer, and it does not work.

    My problem is 100% corrupted mouse firmware - confirmed.

    The wireless base still works, but as the mouse is not detected, it is not...
  12. Windows DLL bugs in mouse?

    There have been reports that since November 2017 a Windows update has caused problems in the mouse APIs - and this is Feb / 2018, and the problem has not been resolved yet.

    I do not know if...
  13. Strange Crash

    Something abnormal has happened today, I would like to report.

    Initial conditions

    a) The computer was off.
    b) The wireless base was connected to the computer.
    c) The mouse was in...
  14. Anyone here?

    I have tried a new procedure

    1) Uninstall the current ROG ARMORY (v10226)
    2) Instal ROG ARMORY v10224
    3) Restart, leaving the wireless base connected

    4) Leaving the ROG ARMORY program open in...
  15. ROG SPATHA Does Not Work in Wired mode [Resolved]

    My system: Win7 sp1 64 bits (updates disable since november 2017) + ROG Armoury v10226 (last version)

    I've always used the mouse in WIRED mode, but...

    === THE EVENT

    In 01/19/2018 00:51...
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