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  1. This is still open. Asus staff, please respond.

    Hey Asus, you have a responsibility to us users to address such issues. This setup is supposed to work. The bios is defective. You've lost TB support from 2202 onwards. Please remedy the situation!
  2. Last one that I'm bumping for you to get the picture, ASUS

    Look, I'm not trying to rock the boat here. I like Asus products. I almost exclusively use Asus boards only, but this Thunderbolt issue for Z170 boards has to be addressed. We paid good money for...
  3. Raising awareness

    I'm bumping this up to raise awareness about this issue. It is unacceptable. You sold us something that's supposed to work and then release BIOS updates that break that functionality? ASUS, you have...
  4. Asus ignoring ThunderboltEX 3 users? Asus official staff, please look here URGENT!

    Hey Asus, this is an urgent and pressing matter that demands your attention. Let me first point you to this page regarding the supported boards for the ThunderboltEX 3. You can see that Maximus VIII...
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