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    Asus GPU Tweak II - GPU speed

    Hey ,

    I updated GPU Tweak yesterday from the version, to the new GPU tweak II , cause i had some bug with the previous version, with the GPU clock offset geting stuck at - 190 ,...
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    Asus Strix GTX980 DC2OC 4GD5

    Hey guys,

    What is the good reference and size for replacing both fan on the STRIX GTX 980 DC2OC 4GD5 ? One of them is making a hell of a noise past the 40 % fan speed , i think one of the bearing...
  3. The display driver has stopped working and has recovered / nvlddmkm

    Hey guys ,

    I am experiencing some weird issues with my strix 980 , and i don't know if it's coming from the driver or the card itself.

    I am using 353.06 Whql , when the issue is about to come...
  4. Hi , I am a owner of an LG WEB OS TV , so i...

    Hi ,

    I am a owner of an LG WEB OS TV , so i got the same issues when i am watchin some 24P blu ray movies ( True Motion ) and set my screen to a refresh rate of 23.95 Hz.

    The trick to avoid...
  5. Asus GPU tweak 2.7 and above stop respond when set fan speed to manual with strix 980

    Hey guys ,

    I am a owner of a GTX Strix 980 since the last week , i got a 670 2Gb just before ( Asus DCU II ) .

    As i don't like too much the "0 dB " fan feature , i had always set my fan speed...
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