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  1. **Problem solved!** I just tried different...

    **Problem solved!**

    I just tried different combinations (the manual says press the joystick in the down direction, which does not work) until I all of a sudden maneged to guess the right thing to...
  2. Asus ROG PG349Q "Keys locked" Please help!

    Hi, I got an Asus ROG PG349Q 34" monitor. I'm really happy with it, but got a HUGE problem that makes me crazy.

    Somehow the monitor is locked and I can't get it away. Look at the picture, this is...
  3. Thread: Deleted

    by aMpEd/uP

    Nice! But as said earlier - what's the changes...

    Nice! But as said earlier - what's the changes made? I don't really wanna flash BIOS just for like 2% improvment in WiFi conecctivity, you know i'am sayin?
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