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  2. Sticky: Poll: Trash talk, toxic players, etc. will always be...

    Trash talk, toxic players, etc. will always be there in highly competitive scenarios, especially were the entire enjoyment comes from the synergy of a team. When that doesn't happen it is hard to...
  3. Sticky: Poll: Not enough time spent on Dota to actually make a comparison

    While I respect your experience (and am happy you love lol), I would like to say that all the points you argue for lol are also true for dota and that 10games is not enough to judge dota in as depth...
  4. Sticky: Poll: Dota2 for the win!

    Hi all and as the title says, I vote for Dota2.

    I like the f2p strategy that Dota uses.The entire heroes pool of the bat on the same map with everyone having the same chances of success (which...
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