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  1. RTX 2080 Super denied warranty. Is this how low ASUS will go to deny my claim?


    ASUS denied my warranty and shipped back the card saying there was "physical damage" to the video ports, even though it's literally just wear from using the port. I've posted my pictures...
  2. CID quote reply

    Hi Adrian,

    I sent you my information through email.

    Also I've tried to appeal their decision but they are standing by their decision of denying me coverage "We have not been advised of there...
  3. ASUS denied my RMA because of the most standard wear on the displayports

    Hi ROG community,

    I feel as if I'm being unfairly treated by ASUS's RMA department.
    Basically I have a RTX 2080 Super that experienced a burnt SMD component, sent it in for warranty and they...
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