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    1709 Fall Creators Update BSOD

    I am on the latest 3703 Bios and everytime my pc attempts to install the 1709 Fall Creators Update my computer installs 100% but then will not restart and boot back into Windows. It tries 3 times...
  2. There's a complete lack of documentation on Asus...

    There's a complete lack of documentation on Asus and Samsung's part. Samsung doesn't tell you E-drive and TCG Opal aren't supported yet and Asus doesn't go into detail the difference between user...
  3. Ata

    I don't think you understand how SED's work pal.

    What is AES (Class 0 SED), and how do I use it?
    AES (Advanced Encryption Standard, Class0 SED) technology is the standard algorithm of the United...
  4. MSI will never work.

    Shall I go on?
  5. That is not even true. A quick google search...

    That is not even true.
    A quick google search would reveal that you cannot do just a MSI TPM into a Asus. Hilarious.
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    Tech Support Fail

    I just wanted to share the excellent "support" I received from Nestor. You'd think he'd have given me a heads up on the new BIOS but nope. You'd think he'd see about getting my concerns to an...
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    Bios Fail - again

    I was hoping someone with an education actually realized they needed to support ATA password for SEDs. If you value security at all, this is important to you. You can't utilize those cool...
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    That is NOT the correct TPM chip. Don't buy it. ...

    That is NOT the correct TPM chip. Don't buy it. They don't sell it.

    They "think" it's only for enterprise users, yet they have it on their enthusiasts boards. lol

    Trust me, I own both of...
  9. Totally Ripped off by Asus - No ATA password in BIOS for SED SSD's like the 950 Pro

    Just wow. I'm beyond shocked. I thought Asus was the enthusiast board to buy when I saw the adverts from CES and the ROG boards and I wrongly assumed they'd support such an old features such as...
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