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    Some details about 02006BO6 / 02006C0A microcode

    @PanosXidis24 Hi mate. :cool:

    The new microcode patch did not mean your CPU performance always lower than early microcode revision .

    For example your prefer microcode 02000002E was not...
  2. Choose one kit that more stable.

    The memory die inside those sticks may manufacture by different OEM. There are many same product ( Quad channel DDR4 kits )
    from same OEM but different lot no. used different DRAM chip ( Some from...
  3. Freeze unstable from memory upgrade

    Which method do you upgrade ?

    1) Replace the old kits ( 8 or 4 sticks ) with the new kit ( 8 or 4 sticks ) which you have purchase.

    These method I assume you have select 4 or 8 sticks package...
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    I see. But the performance of lastest Skylake X...

    I see. But the performance of lastest Skylake X micrococde 02006C0A DATE 2021-06-16 is not bad at all.
    The performance testing via CINEBENCH tools only did not mean everything worse with new...
  5. There are missing systems configuration...

    There are missing systems configuration components details to answer mate.

    1. What is your system spec and BIOS revision do you use ?

    2. What kind of primary disk on your system ( HDD / SSD /...
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    Intel 02006C0A was optimized for Windows 11

    What OS do you testing ? The lastest microcode optimized for new Windows 11 task scheduler.
    0200002E microcode optimized for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 early RTM.
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    Intel 02006C0A Microcode working very well with Windows 11 22463.1000


    Intel 02006C0A Microcode DATE 2021-06-16 working very well with
    Microsoft Windows 11 22H1 Insider Preview Build 22463.1000
  8. Trying these method once

    1. Checking your PC device manager like the picture below.


    If your four disks present here it was OK and let's do next step.

    2. Open Computer Management App then choose storage part...
  9. Cascade Lake X had some issues from security...

    Cascade Lake X had some issues from security vulnerable report. It require recently microcode to fixing checking lastest @Tistou77 modded BIOS on MODDED BIOS section.
  10. Sticky: X299 Platform design for future indeed! ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME flying on W11

    ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME CORE i9 7980XE MICROCODE 02006B06 Updating to New Microsoft Windows 11 build UNCUT. :cool:
  11. Intel 02006B06 Microcode Modded R6E 3501 BIOS Boot time.

    Core i9 7980XE RAMPAGE VI EXTREME MODDED BIOS 3501 Used Intel 02006B06 Microcode

    Here is my boot times from switch on through Windows 11 build...
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    Intel Core X Series Official Support by Windows 11


    Intel 7th Generation Core X Series both Kabylake X and Skylake X finally official support by
    Microsoft Windows 11

    Microsoft Officially add Kaby lake X and Skylake X support for Windows...
  13. AMD AVX512 Version is more attractive architect

    According to many source flying around internet.

    AMD was already implement their AVX512 on ZEN 4 micro architect comparable with Sunny Cove level.


  14. Sticky: X299 platform was fully support by Windows 11

    The lastest BIOS from ASUS was fully Windows 11 support.

    They have add Trust Computing Device awakening by default.
    Select PPI 1.2 or 1.3 version also had been granted to running beta channel...
  15. Sticky: Enable PCH-FW Configuration then select PTT to enable TPM 2.0


    Enjoy with Windows 11 and new Office suite.

    After update to RAMPAGE VI EXTREME BIOS 3501. Enter Advance Menu in BIOS select the lowest menu.
    PCH-FW Configuration then select PTT mode...
  16. Talking about Golden Cove Microarchitect

    Hi @Int8bldr :o

    According to Golden Cove architect itself. Personally I think the AVX512 level that Golden Cove support must be more improve from
    Willow Cove and Sunny Cove a lot. Its extend...
  17. Greeting to everyone whom using Skylake X and Kaby lake X platform


    Greeting to everyone whom using Skylake X and Kabylake X platform.


    Amazing Performance both Microsoft Windows 11 21H2 Insider Preview Build 22000.176

  18. Microsoft Officially add Kaby lake X and Skylake X support for Windows 11


    Microsoft Officially add
    Kaby lake X and Skylake X all SKUs
    on Microsoft Windows 11 CPU support list.


    Running great on news applications and
    Microsoft Windows 11.
  19. Sapphire Rapid is the way to go


    I totally agree with you mate.

    Sapphire Rapid is the way to go
  20. More information about Intel Sapphire Rapid and Eagle Stream


    Heart of Intel Sapphire Rapid the Golden Cove Microarchitecture.

    Golden Cove Microarchitecture the first Intel 12 port Execution.
  21. 89690 I love Golden Cove Core. @BigJohnny.:o


    I love Golden Cove Core. @BigJohnny.:o
  22. Update New Alder Lake Platform Information


    New Intel Alder Lake Platform Overview


    New Hybrid X86 CPU design for Windows 11 Release
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    Windows 11 is waiting for your rigs.

    Old hardware are welcome too. Let's testing its performance mate. :cool:


    Now Microsoft Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.160
    Microsoft Office Insider Preview Version 2109 Build...
  24. Sticky: More information about TPM 2.0 PPI Presence Hardware Revision


    TPM 2.0 PPI Hardware Presence 1.3 was fundamental of TPM 2.0 support
    the older version such as 1.2 and below did't meet TPM 2.0 specification requirement.
    For more info checking this link...
  25. Sticky: R6E Lastest Modded BIOS focus for SKYLAKE X only

    @PanosXidis24 Hi mate. Due my purpose to testing on Skylake X SKUs. The lastest modded BIOS was contain only SKYLAKE X Microcode.
    If you use other model such as 99XX and 109XX. My lastest modded...
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