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  1. Just wanted to report that I have used the...

    Just wanted to report that I have used the Plextor NvME pcie drive with zero issues, full speed, no special drivers, if you are interested. I also have one for sale because I went back to SLI cards...
  2. Cooling loop questions Formula VI Cross-Chill and Poseidon 780s

    So I'm still working with the Maximus VI formula and 2 GTX 780 Poseidon Platinum cards. Won't be upgrading anytime soon and it does fine. I'm finally getting around to liquid cooling the cards and...
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    AI Suite 3 is a goner

    Just wanted to check in here on the AI Suite 3 issues and the Maximus VI mobo. For me the AI Suite 3 began failing almost immediately. Suite would crash and leave the Splash.exe lights running. Most...
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