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  1. MG279Q: Black Cloud when displaying a Red-Green-Blue triangle


    I was trying some example programs I had and at first I thought the programs are broken. But even if I google for a random red-green-blue triangle on Google, I get the very same results. I...
  2. I got a PM from Bahz as annouced, followed the...

    I got a PM from Bahz as annouced, followed the instructions and got a replacement monitor a few days later which resolved the issue with a duplicated line when FreeSync is enabled!

  3. R9 380x

    While I have the exact same issue as the thread author, I have a different card:

    Sapphire Radeon R9 380X Nitro (aka Tonga)

    When I enable FreeSync, my issue occurs at 90Hz, together with a...
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