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  1. Hello everyone I have opened the laptop...

    Hello everyone

    I have opened the laptop (configuration in the original post) and unplugged the cable connecting the battery to the motherboard, without removing the battery itself, as I was...
  2. Bluetooth disappears (available only in hidden devices in Device Manager) on Z590-e

    Hi everyone,

    I have a configuration with ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E.
    - Bluetooth disappears, Windows troubleshooter gives feedback of "Bluetooth device not found"
    - WiFi is never affected with me....
  3. Resolved

    I was able to flash the BIOS of my G751JT by simply disconnecting the battery without removing it. The warning seems to be not applicable for missing batteries.
  4. Unable to Bypass Battery Warning While Updating BIOS ROG G751JT - solved

    Hello all!:cool::cool::cool:

    I have a 4+ year old veteran here, however the laptop still has above average performance, although it's a 2014 model:

    Intel Core i7-4720HQ
    16 GB...
  5. Hi mate! I have similar issue with my G751JT -...

    Hi mate!
    I have similar issue with my G751JT - model 2014 still with 210 BIOS, yet the "risky" doesn't work for me either.
    Following the post, hopefully someone has a solution to the battery...
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