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  1. My apologies, but I'm very new to...

    My apologies, but I'm very new to overclocking/tweaking and my understanding of it is pretty limited...

    Last time I just set XMP I on my Z370 board and it set it automatically to 3200mhz.
  2. XMP 2.0 on Asus Rog Maximus XI Extreme

    Hi Guys!
    I just got my G.Skill Trident Z Royal DDR4-4000 and it says it works with XMP 2.0 Profiles.

    Ive never had to use these new XMP Profiles... is there a difference between XMP and XMP 2? I...
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    I'm about to install a 970 Pro 1Tb - so that spot...

    I'm about to install a 970 Pro 1Tb - so that spot for the Nvme m.2_1 on the bottom right is the best place to put it, not on the DIMM.2 slot if it's only 1 M.2 SSD?
  4. Overclocking 9900KS on Maximus XI Code/Hero - Results?

    Has anyone started overclocking the 9900KS on the Maximus XI Code/Hero?

    Are there any results yet?

    I'm about to pick up my 9900KS and am not sure if I should Stick with Maximus XI line (i have...
  5. Maximus X Z370 and TridentZ Royal 4000mhz XMP 2.0 ram - is it compatible?

    I currently have a Z370 Maximus X Hero mobo and looking to upgrade to G.Skill TridentZ Royal DDR4 4000mhz CL17-17-17-37 ram but it says it supports XMP 2.0

    Will I be able to turn on XMP on the...
  6. Why do you shut off Fast Startup? Mine was turned...

    Why do you shut off Fast Startup? Mine was turned on
    Also, which Remote Desktop programs work with Wake-On-Lan? Would you know?
  7. Thanks I'll try it

    Thanks I'll try it
  8. How to set up Wake-On-Lan for Maximus X Hero mobo?

    Does anyone know how I can set up Wake-On-Lan for an Asus Maximus X Hero motherboard? I can't seem to get it to work.

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