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  1. The funny part is, I thought it was a safe...

    The funny part is, I thought it was a safe program because asus gave it to us.
  2. G750 Laptop randomly shuts off if I don't have AC adapter in

    So I know it is not the battery because I bought a new one. What could be the issue? My ASUS G750 Laptop is about 4 to 6 years old and by touch it doesn't feel like it is overheating. Even thought...
  3. G750JM-DS71 + VG248QE + 3d Nvidia Vission = 3d?

    So I've been told Optimus Laptops can't do 3d even if you have the correct monitor, 3d glasses, and Nvidia gpu inside of the laptop. Is this true? Yes I know 3d officially died once LG and Sony...
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